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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Change Is In The Air

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I have been thinking about things going on in my life a lot lately.  Although I have been living here in South Carolina for going on 13 years, which is the longest time I have ever lived in the same area, I don't feel as stable in my life as I want to.  I like living in the Upstate of South Carolina and have no plans on leaving this area.  I guess I have been looking for what makes ME happy in my life since the passing of my mother in 2012.  I spent so much time helping her and taking care of her that I decided I would take time for myself now and do what makes me happy.  I love my profession as a Law Enforcement Officer and know that was the right choice for me.  It is hard to find a place that you can call home when it comes to work.  I am a team player and need to work with others that are part of the same team as well.  I have a lot to give and love to train others to be the best officer that they can be also.  Despite all the the negative news concerning Law Enforcement I believe that there are more good officers than bad ones and will continue to serve my community.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary EnsignThe New Year in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has started of very busy.  I am currently the Flotilla Staff Officer for Public Affairs and the Division Staff Officer for Human Resources.  Both positions take several hours a week of work but are fun and rewarding.  The year started off with back to back Public Affairs events here in Greenville.  The first one was the Upstate South Carolina Boat Show in January followed by the Bassmaster Classic Expo 2015 in February.