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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogging The Upstate

Map of South Carolina highlighting "The U...
Welcome to Blogging The Upstate.  This will be a blog dedicated to the life and times of what the Upstate of South Carolina have to offer from business, sports, schools, cities, higher education, agriculture and the people that comprise the Upstate.  Having NOT been born and raised in the South or the Upstate I have come to love the area, the people and the beautiful surrounding of this area of South Carolina.  I am hoping to help expand the local history, events and other activities that go on year round by using this blog as a guide.
Wikipedia describes the Upstate as follows:
The Upstate is the region in northwestern South Carolina, United States, also known as The Upcountry, which is the historical term. Although loosely defined among locals, the general definition includes the 10 counties of the commerce-rich I-85 corridor in the northwest corner of South Carolina. The region’s population was 1,220,542 at the 2000 Census. A July 1, 2009 United States Census Bureau estimate placed the population at 1,359,699. The Upstate is the fastest growing region in the state, and given its strategic position between Atlanta and Charlotte, future development and growth prospects are bright. After BMW’s initial investment, foreign companies especially from Germany have made a substantial presence in the Upstate, and several large corporations have established regional, national, or continental headquarters in the region. Greenville is the largest city in the region and the base of most commercial activity. Spartanburg is the second largest city in the region. The third largest city in the region is Anderson.

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