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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Springtime In February

Springtime In February

Governor's Rock - Table Rock, SC
Do we get spoiled by the beautiful weather that we are enjoying here in the Upstate or do we stay real about it and just enjoy it as long as it lasts?  Tough question, I know.  Personally I am ready for the warmer southern spring that I know is a few weeks down that weather road.  The next 10 days, for the moment, show above average temperature and very little precipitation.  I have even noticed some trees already budding, sure hope it’s not to early for them.  I’m in the enjoy it when you can get it mode for now.
Anyone else notice the number of people at work getting sick with colds and flu?  The Upstate seems to be having an increase in this occurrence.  I am out today with a terrible cold a slight fever trying to get rid of it so I don’t return to work a make everyone else I work with sick.  I guess it’s all part of this early spring.  Enjoy it but take care of your health as well so you are not just enjoying it from a bedroom window.

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