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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Motivated

Was Greenville prepared for the widely popular Get Motivated seminar that was held today, 08/10/2011, at the Bi-Lo Center.  It appears there were more tickets sold then seats available and the traffic was a giant mess.  Reported backups on I-385 of three miles during the morning rush hour and parking spaces being filled beyond full.  I was wondering how something this big would be handled by the city.  WYFF 4 reported that by 10:30 AM after people had waited in line for over two hours that they were being turned away even though they had tickets for the event.

Ticket Holders Turned Away (as reported by WYFF 4)

 By 10:30 a.m., some ticket-holding attendees said they were being turned away at the door. Greenville Fire Chief Tom McDowell said that the BI-Lo Center was at capacity, so people were only being let in as others came out.Get Motivated media spokesman Johnny Caloria contradicted McDowell said that the event is general seating, and some people were standing in stairwells and not taking seats, so that was why people were being turned away.

News 4’s Kim Quintero said she came across a group of people downtown who bought tickets to the event, waited two hours to get in, but were turned away at the door because the center had reached maximum capacity. They said they were not offered refunds, just workbooks and told to wait outside.Lynn Scott told News 4 that she closed her business to be able to attend the event, but she was one of many who were stopped outside.When she found out she missed Guiliani and Forbes speaking, Scott said, “Oh, my gosh! I really wanted to hear what they had to say. Why would you oversell your situation? That’s wrong.”
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