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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Settling In to many changes

The pink smudge on the ball comes from the pin...Image via WikipediaIt's been a while since I posted anything I actually wrote so I thought I would try to do that now.  As was mentioned a while back I have been moving from my apartment of 5 years in Simpsonville, SC to my mothers house in Gray Court, SC so that I can help her out.  She has been battling cancer and some other medical issues and I decided it was better that she was not living alone.  It was a decision that was easy and hard to make at the same time.  Easy as in I would do anything to help my mother out, hard as in giving up some of the privacy issues that come with living with someone else again.  We have both lived alone, other then our cats, for years so there will be a bit of a learning curve.  So far things have gone pretty well and the cats are all getting along, so far.

On the work side of things I went to night shift about 6 weeks ago to help out a fellow officer that needed to go to day shift for family reasons.  Now I am getting the chance to go back to day shift, which I think will be a good thing since my sleeping has not been all that good while working night shift. 

For now I am just trying to get settled in to a new living situation and work hours, then life might get back to some sort of normal, whatever that may be.

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